The Queen’s Bestowment

Each month, the Mermaid Queen will bestow a Shark or Mermaid to one of her most active community members.

To enter The Queen’s Bestowment giveaway, simply be an active member of the SSU Discord community. Any member at the third tier activity level, or Flounder status, qualifies for the drawing. Each level above Flounder earns an extra entry into the draw. 

February 1st Giveaway - Activity Status:
  • Queen’s Advisor: 6 entries
  • Shark Commander: 5 entries
  • Shark SCOUT: 4 entries
  • Shark RECRUIT: 3 entries
  • Sharkling: 2 entries
  • FLOUNDER: 1 entry
  • GUPPY: 0 entries
  • MEMBER: o entries
Drawing held the first of each month. To claim your prize, DM Stark or Gerardos within 48 hours of announcement. In the event of an unclaimed prize, NFT will go to another drawn name. 
*Bestowment Winners have a 3-month cooling off period for re-eligibility - Winners of other giveaways are still eligible to win - SSU Staff and MODs are ineligible to participate
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Comprising 7 different species 

6 Sharks and 1 Mermaid

Structured Within 7 Unique Classes

Each playing a pivotal role in the evolving lore of the Metaverse
These salty sharks and mermaids, led by the Mermaid Queen, have overthrown the Atlantean seat of power and claimed Neptune’s throne for themselves. The Atlanteans are not yet a spent force and the battle for the seven seas continues in earnest…
SSU Community Discord Members can qualify to earn ETH and win NFTs!
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Join us in bringing a torch of illumination to the darkest depths of our oceans

Here, you can aid marine life in their struggle against the tyranny of the “Land Seals” and their fictional counterparts, the Atlanteans.  The future games, the fictional battles, the lore, the amazing art live out their existence in the digital blockchain world but with real world impact, supporting registered, hardworking charities in the environmental and conservation fields to repair some of the damage caused by humanity’s overpopulation and negative environmental impacts, as well as help preserve marine life such as endangered shark species for future generations to know and understand.
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Public Mint – Nov 18

On Mint


Access to a wide range of branded merchandise that also allows owners to print their own collection on the merchandise with collection logo. 


2% of secondary sales to be allocated to Community Wallet on monthly basis. (See token economics)


Community voting on monthly donations to environmental, conservationist and child protection charities. 


Community contributions to the evolving lore of the meta-verse. 


Collection bonuses for owners who collect one or more full sets of ‘Classes’ within the Collection (paid in ETH). 


Announce Salty Sharks Aquatic Metaverse & Salty Sharks  Uprising NFT Collection
Establish Community Infrastructure
Deliver Whitepaper & Roadmap, Activate Social Platforms
Start Pre-Sale Whitelist & Community Competitions
Release Lore
Announce Bonus Merch Giveaway for Early Minters
Commence Salty Sharks Uprising Mint
Activate Merch Portal on Website
Engage Community for Paid Lore and Canon Contributions
Launch Surf Board – Collector’s Board Game
Launch Charitable Giving Program


Aquatic Metaverse is a registered Australian company led by professional Directors, each with over 30 years of business administration and leadership experience.

Our team of experts in their respective fields are committed to delivering a multi-faceted digital and physical project that engages and rewards the community while helping address the serious real-world impacts of environmental degradation and aquatic species extinction.
Rob Keanalley
Chief Executive Officer
Sascha Modersizki
Chief Technical Officer
Charles DeCru
Chief Artist