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Join a fully aquatic metaverse roleplaying game based off over 20+ chapters of immersive and engaging story tied to our NFT collection.

Complete quests, adventures, future instanced dungeons, and play mini-games, events and scavenger hunts. Acquire custom equipment, join an Order and visit their extensive bases connected to Atlantis.

Our gaming metaverse is an aquatic based MMORPG on the Minecraft platform.

You will need to download and install the Minecraft Launcher and create an installation at version 1.18.2 by creating a new “installation” from the launcher.

When ready to join game, select multi-player and then select “add server”. In the Server address field, enter as the server address and click done and you are good to log in.

We recommend downloading a shader pack and a good one is Complimentary Shaders v4.3.

The Aquatic Metaverse game world has 7 cities / bases to explore, 60+ quests, mini games and events where you can earn custom items, our own off-chain currency Pieces of Eight (PoE) which is tied to $WRLD token in both supply and exchange rate for easy exchanging from $WRLD to PoE and back again.

When in the Metaverse, you can see the World Map at this dynamic map address.

Patch Notes & Updates

For the latest Patch Updates, please visit Discord and the NFT Worlds Updates Channel.

Minecraft Download & Setup Walkthrough

New Player Guide

A Quick Look at Custom Weapons