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Turtle Beach

Explore the full life cycle of sea turtles and develop a comprehensive knowledge of these amazing ocean mariners from hatchling to adulthood.

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In the Turtle Beach Exhibit, learn about the biology & life cycle of the seven different species of Sea Turtles and some of their unique characteristics such as navigation, determination of new hatchling sex, diet, and what makes them so important to our ocean eco-systems.


Through NPC audio, video presentations, quests and interactive elements, experience the important life cycle of sea turtles and learn how you can help make a difference to not only protect important sea turtle nests but help ensure the ongoing survival of as many hatchlings as possible as we seek to save these endangered species.


Complete two engaging quests in this exhibit as you protect sea turtle eggs from introduced pest predators as well as protect the hatchlings as they make their way to the ocean after hatching.