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Whale Shark Station

Dive deep with us and visit the underwater Whale Shark Station. Explore this fact-filled voyage at the bottom of the ocean and enjoy video, mini games while learning all there is to know about Whale Sharks!

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Welcome aboard the Salty Dog Research Station. Here we embark on a mission across the ocean depths to study the largest fish in the ocean, the Whale Shark. Learn about it's biology, diet, habitats, life-span and reproduction as we unravel some of the mystery around this most gentle giant of the oceans.


Watch high definition video of these marine species in their natural environment while you read and listen to informative audio facts. Explore the exhibit at your own pace, with your own custom avatar, even changing the avatar to suit your preferences as you guide your own learning experience. Enjoy the experience in Virtual Reality with appropriate VR Goggles as well.


Hear from our researcher NPC (Non-Player Characters) inside the exhibit on the sabotage conducted on this research station by the troublesome Atlanteans. We're going to need your help to identify what damage they have caused so we can make repairs quick smart! Talk to our researcher on board to learn more! Ahoy maties!